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The customer needed the recorded video documents from their CCTV monitoring system for use as proof to go after a prosecution for criminal offenses that had actually been dedicated.

The Digital Video Recorder was malfunctioning and also incapable to provide the needed video documents, so they came to us to see if we could recoup the video files for them.

CCTV systems normally utilize the WFSO.4 declaring system to save their information files onto, and we have been experts devices that can handle recouping and also refining that kind of information. Safe to say, they involved the right place.

Upon opening up the DVR box, we saw that it had two similar drives; this is a tell-tale indication that we are looking at a RAID setup in this case. Doing some more examination led us to locate out that the system had the facility to have a repetitive drive alongside its major operating drive (RAID 1).

As soon as we had the bare metal drives out of the DVR, medical diagnosis of each drive might start.

WDC-WD10EZRX-00D8PB0 – Drive # 1 was dead.
There was no power reaching the electric motor to rotate it up.

WDC-WD10EZRX-00D8PB0 – Drive # 2 rotates up.
Examining of drive # 2 can commence, and also we find there are some firmware concerns that we can function about, and also a weak head # 1 that we may be able to draw some life from prior to it surrenders forever.

When we had fixed the PCB problem that was causing drive # 1 problems in powering up, we were able to proceed with taking a look at the mechanical side of the drive’s functionality. The drive done well on the PC-3000, but we saw that there seemed a lack of information existing on it.

Drive # 1 imaged with no problems, once we examined the materials of the image, the WFSO.4 documents system only revealed one electronic camera folder, camera 1, and its materials were vacant. Showing that this tough disk drive had actually endured a failure well before it was even able to perform any type of redundant jobs; it’s also feasible it had not been set up correctly from the beginning. This instance shows the requirement to inspect your drives are working properly regularly.

Drive # 2 was a bit much more bothersome, but we did manage to squeeze the last little bit of life out of the weak head # 1 and get a complete picture of the drive. Meaning the CCTV DVR tough disk drives had actually stopped working long before the criminal offenses had actually taken location; as a result, the proof called for was never ever recorded to the DVR.

In one feeling this was a not successful recovery, yet on the various other hand, it was an effective recovery, it was simply out of date.

There is a lesson to be learned right here; if you count on several drive systems– for whatever reason– after that you need to apply an upkeep timetable to ensure those drives are working properly.

If your hard disk is malfunctioning and also you need the data from it, we highly advise only seeking expert aid in order to recover your data.


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