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In this video, we will certainly be recuperating information from a Toshiba hard disk drive with contaminated plates. Platters obtained contaminated from feasible physical call in between heads as well as edge of the disk (near the parking area). Contamination on disks had spread out across numerous surface areas, so the drive had to be taken apart, cleaned, put back with each other with suitable components.

platter extractor:
plate stand:

this video clip:

if you intend to ship your failed gadget to us for data recuperation and also free analysis, simply submit this kind:

and also send your drive boxed with bubble cover to this address:

HDD Recovery Services
391 Bank St, Suite 201
Ottawa, ON
K2P 1Y3

my equipment for soldering:
Microscopic lense:
Microscopic lense camera:
Record card recording device:
Welding torch terminal:
Microsoldering iron:
Warm air station:
Infrared preheater:
Fume Extractor (my own is no much longer readily available however this is the brand-new variation of the very same unit):

Gear for shooting:
small cam:
huge camera:
Lens on large video camera:

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