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iPhone Red current meter

iPhone Current Meter / Red tester for iPhone 6 up to XS – Colored Display

Reduced Melt Solder

Low Melt Solder Stick

AMTECH NC-559-V2-TF Flux

AMTECH NC-559-V2-TF Flux 10g Syringe + Plunger + 2 needle sizes

500 USB Connectors Box

500 Charging Port Connectors Box for Phones, Tablets and other Electronics Repair

USB/USB-C examination meter

USB Volt Amp Meter Tester- Supports USB-C and and all other USB connectors

76pc universal laptop computer power charger

76pc Ultimate Universal laptop and electronics Charger kit including 2 power cables

Weller Soldering terminal

In this repair service video, we will be servicing an iphone 6s that does not power on. Client desires his information back and also does not respect the phone. The phone had a mix of issues, including a damaged mosfet, tigris ic and also shorted capacitors. The Thermal cam was a massive assistance in situating the brief. After few not successful attempts, we almost quit on the phone. The last attempt was effective and also we had the ability to get the phone to work and boot once more. Let’s function on this together and also see how we went concerning repairing this phone.

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