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A dead or damaged apple iphone is a calamity for many individuals, nevertheless shedding all the images and information of your phone without any kind of backup appears to be an also higher catastrophe. In this video, we are going to show you just how to recoup the losing data from a dead phone. We could light up the screen with jumper wiring and also obtain the phone temporarily prepared to finish data recuperation for apple iphone process.Let’s check out the video to see just how to conserve phone information even with a dead reasoning board.

Tools Used: Integrated Mobile Phone Repair Platform :
Hot Air Gun Rework Station – 990AD :
Digital Soldering Iron Rework Station – 203H :
Digital Multimeter :
Curved Hook Tweezer :
Optical Microscope :
PCB Cleaner – 250ml :
Soft Brush – kind 4 :
Sculpture Knife – Type 1 :
BGA Strip Flux Soldering Paste :
PCB Holder – Type 1 :
0.1 mm Gold LCD Cutting Wire – 1500M :

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