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Intend to learn microsoldering, but do not recognize where to begin? We have four on the internet courses at Udemy to assist you get begun. We’ve lately integrated all of these training courses right into one training course called The Full Curriculum. See to it that you acquire with the web links listed below to obtain a discount.

Microsoldering: The Full Curriculum:

Tools made use of in this video:


Tools and Equipment

Suggested Tools:
Hot Air Rework Station (Quick 861DW):
ZXW Tools Dongle Software:
Microscopic Lense (AmScope SM-4TPX):
Nano Soldering Tweezers (JBC NASE-1B):
Dual-port Soldering Station (Hakko FM-203):
Micro Soldering Tweezers (Hakko FM-2023):
Microscope Camera:
Digiti Multimeter (Uni-T UT139C):
DC Power Supply:
DC Power Supply apple iphone Boot Cables:
Best solder (Kester 44 63/37 0.031″):
Ideal change (Amtech NC-559-TF):
Green Solder Mask (Mechanic):

Essential Microsoldering Accessories:

The Essentials

Touch IC Chips (Meson):
Apple Iphone Backlight Components:

Where to obtain materials as well as parts:

Common Components, Connectors, ICs

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